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Okolona Business & Professional Association
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Okolona Business & Professional Association

October's Breakfast Sponsors:

Sternberg Automotive and Thrifty Truck Sales & Leasing

Thursday, October 30, 2014: 7:30am-9:00am

Hot Breakfast Catered by The Tumbleweed with GanoLife Coffee

Doors Open at 7 AM for Serious Networkers and Coffee!

Okolona Firehouse #1 – Community Room Upstairs – 8501 Preston Highway (40219)

The Power Of Laughter in the Workplace

Our Invited Speaker: Comedian Freddie Thrasher

A merry heart is indeed good medicine. Laughter is an amazing way to bring people together and establish connections. Who doesn't like a great belly-laugh? Keeping a good sense of humor and using the gift of laughter can certainly take an uncomfortable chill out of the air at work and warm up the atmosphere. Statistics have shown that laughter is beneficial to better mental and emotional health as well as your immune system impacting your physical health.

Freddie Thrasher has always loved to make people smile through his gift of telling jokes and sharing humorous stories. If you are from Louisville, you may remember seeing him perform at The Comedy Caravan. Freddie has been the opening act for such headliners as Mr. Dy-No-Mite, J.J. “Jimmie” Walker, as well as many others while traveling the nation.

Freddie continues to share his gift of laughter at work with his customers and colleagues at Sternberg Automotive where he is the finance manager as well as part of the sales staff. Here's a corny joke, not written by Freddie, although one that is easy to remember.....

Knock. Knock.

Who's There?


You Who?

Yoo-hoo!! See you on the 30th!

Please join us for an extra big dose of laughter at our October breakfast and make sure to bring someone along with you.....for as the saying goes, and it's true, the more the merrier!


  • Laughing lowers blood pressure. People who lower their blood pressure, even those who start at normal levels, will reduce their risk of strokes and heart attacks. A great reason to read the funny pages in your newspaper, and not just on Sundays!

  • Reduce stress hormone levels through laughing which helps cut anxiety and the stress impacting your body. The reduction of stress hormones in your body may result in higher immune-system performance. So laughing along when a co-worker tells a funny joke can relieve some of your daily stress while reaping the health benefits of laughter.

  • A fun abdominal workout of laughter greatly benefits toning your abs. When you are laughing, the muscles in your stomach expand and contract, similar to when you exercise your abs intentionally. Meanwhile, the muscles you are not using to laugh are getting an opportunity to relax. Add laughter to your ab routine and make getting a toned tummy more enjoyable.

  • Laughter is a great cardio workout, especially for those who are incapable of doing other physical activity due to injury or illness. It gets your heart pumping and burns a similar amount of calories per hour as walking at a slow to moderate pace. So, laugh your heart into health.

  • Boosts T cells when you laugh. T cells are specialized immune-system cells just waiting in your body for activation. When you laugh, you activate T cells that immediately begin to help you fight off sickness. Next time you feel a cold coming on, add chuckling to your illness prevention plan.

  • Trigger the release of endorphins by laughing. Endorphins are your body's natural pain killers which can help ease chronic pain and make you feel good all over!

  • Laughter has been shown to increase your overall sense of well-being. Doctors have found that people who have a positive outlook on life tend to fight disease better than people who tend to be more negative. So smile, laugh, and live longer!!



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Renew your 2014 Membership dues today.

Benefits of Membership

Renewal dues for 2014 is $150 and includes:

  • Affinity programs offering discounts to the members.
  • A membership website directory listing with business name, address, contact name and phone number.
  • Monthly e-mailed newsletters with the latest area developments and business news. Recognition of all new business members.
  • 10 monthly meetings with the opportunity to network with fellow businesses.

The Association sponsors several community events throughout the year including Light Up Okolona and FACE-2FACE events. We also support the Lone Oak Park at the corner of Preston and Outer Loop and area beautification efforts.

Whether you have started a new business or have been here for years, membership in the Okolona Business & Professional Association will give you the opportunity to be involved and stay informed of area business growth.

Renew today by using the below link.


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Courtesy of Kat Baker & Eric Link

On-line meeting pictures-




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The Okolona Business & Professional Association, Inc is a non-profit organization.  Think of it as a Chamber of Commerce for small and large businesses alike, formed for the following purposes:

  • To build community pride through the development and maintenance of Lone Oak Park at the corner of Preston Highway and Outer Loop, the gateway to Okolona.
  • To provide a forum for regular meetings to encourage networking between member businesses.
  • To improve the business climate in the Okolona community by listening to the concerns of the business and professional community, and to have those concerns heard by the appropriate city officials.
  • To promote and encourage the beautification of the community and surrounding areas.
  • To encourage the particitpation of all members of the Association in their civic duties as business leaders.
  • To provide added value programs and discounts to our members through Affinity programs.

The Okolona area is experiencing new growth and development. Today, it is more important than ever to build a strong business organization that works together to improve our community.

If you are interested in joining, but have more questions, please call Amy Streible, Business Development Manager, at (502) 439-5633 or e-mail : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Upcoming Events

Sat Oct 25, 2014 @12:00PM - 04:00PM
Ribbon Cutting - KIM'S PICKINS, ETC.
Thu Oct 30, 2014 @07:30AM - 09:00AM
Monthly Breakfast Meeting